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Weaver stops part of pipe excavation process she called 'Russian Roulette'

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver speaks with reporters on Friday, Oct. 27, 2017, at Flint City Hall in this Flint Journal file photo. Mayor says Flint shouldn't be forced to hydro-excavate before service line work A worker involved in the service line project appeared at the meeting, saying he was aware of a few dozen instances in which service lines that appeared to be copper after hydro-excavation turned out to have unexposed connections that were not. "As we dig a little we find there are connections under the ground that are galvanized and lead as well," he said. "So some that have been identified as copper ... truly aren't." The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issued a statement in response to questions from The Journal, saying it had not been formally given notice that hydro-excavation was on hold in Flint though representatives of the DEQ, including Keith Creagh, director of the Department of Natural Resources, were at the Friday meeting where Weaver made the remarks. "The DEQ supports and encourages the use of hydro-excavation for service line composition verification and replacement," DEQ spokeswoman Tiffany Brown said in an email. Defiant mayor will fight 'unwarranted' oversight of Flint water system "When executed properly, the DEQ believes hydro-excavation is an extremely effective and reliable method of identifying service line composition. Proper procedures include sending a technician into the home to verify the composition of the material going into the home is the same as the material identified during the hydro-excavation process at the curb-box," the statement says. There were signs before Friday that Weaver had new concerns about excavation with water, and city and state officials have increasingly disagreed about issues related to the water crisis since the state ended distribution of free bottled water here in April. When the city paid two contractors to excavate 124 homes without hydro-excavation trucks earlier this year, the state questioned the spending, noting the average cost of excavating a home site in the traditional way is $1,660 compared to $228 for a hydro-excavation.

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